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Vegetables, Fruits, Sorbet
FROZEN FRUITS -IQF Apples, segments/slices/diced Apricots, havles/diced Figs, wholes/cuts Kiwi, slices/diced Lemon slices Lychees, wholes/peeled Longan, wholes/peeled Mandarin segments Mango, flesh/diced Papaya, diced Pears, diced Yellow peaches, havles/segments/diced Pineapples, chunks/diced/tidbits Watermelons, diced/balls Mixed fruits
Various frozen fruits puree FROZEN BERRIES IQF BERRIES IQF blackberries,cultivated,Grade A/B IQF blueberries,wild IQF blackcurrants,wild IQF lingonberries,wild IQF raspberries,red,cultivated/wild,Grade A wholes/Brokens/crumbles IQF strawberries,wholes/halves/diced/slices Frozen strawberries puree,with seeds/without seeds Frozen strawberries with sugar, 4+1,12+1 IQF strawberry Frozen strawberry Frozen strawberry puree IQF mixed berries
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POTATO CHIPS French Fries Grade A Matchstick potatoes (Pommes allumettes), ±7 mm 7 x 7 mm, 7,7 X 7,5 mm 9 x 9 mm 10 x 10 mm and Up Wedges "steak fries" Wedges skin on, Wedges "seasoned" * peeled, sliced and partially cooked at factories. Frozen Potato Slices Frozen Baby Potatoes (parisienne) 4x2.5 kg, 10x1 kg / carton, Bulk packages
FROZEN RED / BLACK FRUITS Strawberry – uncalibrated, class I Strawberry – uncalibrated, class II Strawberry - calibrated, whole Strawberry - calibrated, whole Strawberry - slices Strawberry - cubes 10x10mm Strawberry - cubes 6x6mm Wild Strawberry Raspberry – whole, class extra Raspberry – whole, class I Raspberry – whole, class II Raspberry – crumbles Blueberry Blackberry Plum – whole, without stone, Stanley Plum – halves Plum – cubes 10x10mm Sour Cherry with stone Sour Cherry without stone Sour Cherry – cubes 6x6mm Red Currant – class I Black Currant – class I
FROZEN VEGETABLES IQF VEGETABLES - BQF VEGETABLES A IQF green asparagus spears/cuts& tips/cuts IQF white asparagus spears/cuts& tips/cuts B IQF baby corns,wholes/cuts/slices IQF bamboo shoots,slices/strips/cuts IQF broccoli florets,cuts/spears/stalks IQF broad beans,wholes/peeled C IQF cauliflowers, florets/cuts IQF cherry tomato,slices G IQF garlic diced IQF garlic segments IQF garlic sprouts cuts BQF garlic puree IQF great burdock ,strips/slices/cuts BQF great burdock,strips/slices/cuts IQF green beans,wholes/cuts L IQF leeks cuts
FROZEN VEGETABLES M IQF champignon mushrooms,wholes/slices/cuts O IQF okra, whole/sliced IQF green onions ,diced IQF onions, diced/cuts/wholes/sliced P IQF pea pods(snow peas) IQF pumpkin,diced IQF green peppers ,wholes/strips/diced IQF red peppers, wholes/strips/diced IQF Red / Yellow peppers,wholes/strips/diced R IQF romanesco florets S IQF spinachs leaves balls IQF spinachs,cuts BQF spinachs ,wholes/cuts IQF sugar snap peas IQF shallots diced IQF yellow beans,wholes/cuts IQF mixed vegetables Mixed vegetables all kinds of mixed vegetables 3-way mixed, 4way mixed , 5 way mixed.