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We work all Pork cuts from Europe
Pork side Porkside without head and front foot with jowl Porkside without head, jowl and front foot Leg and chump incl. Foot Silverside muscle Rump Topside muscle Topside muscle without cap Thick flank muscle Hindquarter hock Hindquarter hock, trimmed Middle excl. chump, kidney and flair Middle boneless Bone in belly including flank, rind on Bone in belly without flank, rind on Square cut pork belly, single robbed, rind on Square cut pork belly, sheet ribbed, rindless Pork belly, spare ribs Pork belly flanks, rindless Pork belly strips, rindless Straight cut shoulder with riblets Riblets Riblets no meaty Neck/spare rib, bone in Neck/spare, bonelessForequarter hock Round cut shoulder, without spare rib, shoulder rib and flank Shoulder italian cut Shoulder dutch cut Round cut shoulder, without spare rib, shoulder rib, flank and shank
Shoulder (3d) Shoulder (4d) Pork leg with chump, round cut without foot Pork leg spanish without foot Pork leg "Parma cut" Pork leg "Lyonnaise cut" Pork leg italian cut Pork leg (3d) Pork leg (4d) Loin bone in, without neck Loin without tenderloin Loin ribs (narrow cut) Boneless loin with chain Boneless loin, without neck, trimmed Tenderloin Tip of tenderloin
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Offals Neck fat, rindless - Backfat, rindless - Jowl without neckfat, rindless - Heart - Liver - Kidneys - Tongue swiss cut Stomach - Head without jowl - Feet - Tails
Large White (LW), Landrace (L) and Yorkshire (Y) pig carcasses. swine or castrate.
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