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Offals Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Sweetbreads, Stomach, Head, Intestines
Carcasses, Mutton, Lamb, Goat, Chevron
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Lamb carcass Hinds and ends with kidney, without flank and breast Leg Leg with aitchbone and shank Leg without shank, boneless Boneless leg, silverside Boneless leg, topside Boneless leg, thick Boneless leg, rump Shank, bone-inLoins and best end neck excluding chumps and breast Loins excluding neck French racks Double cutlets Eyemuscle of loin Filet Best end neck without breast Forequarter flank-on Shoulder, bone-in 4Shoulder, boneless 4Neck, bone-in Breast, flank-on
Chevron cuts are basically the same as those for lamb and mutton. Cabrito carcase weight of 6-8kg. The French term chevron is used for goats aged 6-15 months.
We work all Lamb cuts from Europe, South America
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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