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Clearance sale & Stock Ready to Load
We have many years experience within the Fresh Meat and Frozen Meat industry as well in frozen food for importers whole saller and Packers . We are open to products of any nature.
The product must be available and stored in EU coldstore - Main EU port.
Meats & Seaproducts Vegetables, French Fries
Phone : 00 . 30. 2810-244.708 & 2810-244.913 Fax : 00. 30 . 2810-243.681
The consignment has passed the import checks at a port.
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Our working methodMadam, Sir. If you're one constant thought is "I need to sell and move my Surplus Stock fast", we've got buyers lined up waiting to do a deal. We will be able to study all possible contingencies in the transactions. In all cases, goods "Products of animal origin" are subject to a formal legal agreement regarding terms of consignment and sale. All verbal transactions are to be written for validation. When you write your offer letter, make sure your company details are presented including, Address, contact name, Phone, direct E-mail, Skype ID. - List of products for wholesalers. It includes the base prices Free On Truck, and minimum order quantities, the place of loading and way of payment. The specification for each product, Fresh Meats, Frozen meats, Frozen Sea products and IQF Vegetables. POAO = Breed for Meat products, Scientific name - Binomial nomenclature for Seaproduct, Trade name. Packaging, Frozen Meats and fresh vacuum-packed Meats, Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM), polyblock, Restructured beef steaks. Trade Name of meat piece with specifications regarding the cut. POAO must be packaged correctly, as special rules apply. IQF, IWP, Block, Glazing %, Size, caliber, Weight, Packaging type industrial or retail. Production Date / Expiry Date. Health certification = Check sanity and production date of each unit! You must be informed with any changes to EU regulations on the movement of POAO. Brief, a full and professional offer! All you need to do is send us your full offer with your best Meat / Fish / Seafood / IQF Vegetables product pictures. If you're interested in selling your products, and you'd like more information or have any questions, invest 5 mn and have a look at our working method below in order for our relations to proceed substantively and please contact us on the above phone number or email. Regards
Clearance Stock - Surplus Stock - Distressed Stock - Excess Stock - Slow Moving Stock Short-dated and out-of-date approved food
Redundant Stock - Residual Stock - Cancelled Orders - Package Changes - Label Changes
This may be Surplus Stock for a number of reasons, cancelled orders, package changes, label changes, shortening date code or deleted stock lines.