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Beef Offals 1 Tail 2 Thick skirt 3 Thin skirt 4 Heart 5 Heart, trimmed 6 Tongue, swiss cut 7 Liver 8 Kidney 9 Tripe
Carcasses, beef, cow, veal
In the Heart of Greek market
We work all Beef cuts from Europe, South America
Beef is available in a wide variety of cuts .
! There are regional variations in both the way a carcass is cut and the names for the different cuts. We are familiar with the different methods of butchering, as well the local names and trades names.
Beef cattle, young bulls, adult bulls, dairy cattle.
Bovine local breed and Crossbreed
Bovine local breed and Crossbreed
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beef cattle, cow, dairy cow, heifer and calf Carcasses / half carcasses, fresh - Primal cuts - Bovine carcasses classification system (S/EUROP - Quality Grade & Fat Thickness) Bovine cuts boneless, fresh, chilled or frozen. Freshly chilled and Vacuum packed meats - boneless, skinless, vacuum packed - IWP & IVP packing cut of meat - IQF diced meat - minced meat - ready-to assemble meats Beef / Cow boneless Trimmings frozen, packed in Polyblocks. Hilton Quota / special cuts of high value boneless beef cuts for the European market. Sector activity - Cutting plants, meat preparation - Wholesaler - Catering - Horeca - Cash & Carry